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Surveying the Durleigh Brook
Emily Beech

This is a preliminary survey of the brook on 18th July 2008. A further survey will follow including photographs and a report on the wildlife found within the brook.

Next_to_sluicel.jpg - 311Kb

This shows the view of the brook next to the canal. The water here is 1m deep but moving very slowly. There is noticable wildlife.

Sluicel.jpg - 299Kb

This photo shows the screen above the siphon that has recently been rebuilt in order to restore the flow of water to the brook.

Screen_by_canalb.jpg - 318Kb

Both the photos, above and below, show that the water here is moving very slowly and contains a lot of rubbish. However there is also a large variety of plant life on the banks.

Screenl.jpg - 234Kb

Bridgel.jpg - 210Kb

Here the water is moving fairly quickly though it is very shallow at only 150mm deep. It is 4000mm wide.

Before_screenl.jpg - 217Kb

This image shows the view of the before the screen by St Matthew's field. Here the water is moving fairly slowly and is suffering from eutrophication. However, there is lots of plant life both on the banks and in the water itself.

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