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Chubb Lithographs of 18th. Century Bridgwater

On 4 November 2003, Dr Peter Cattermole of bid successfully at Tamlyn & Son for a set of glass lantern slides of Old Bridgwater, Lot 193.

The slides were described as: "Formerly Belonging to J. H. Burge, Verger of St Mary's Church, Bridgwater". The small cardboard box in which the slides were contained supported the description in the catalogue. Inside the box was a loose label informing the purchaser that: "The Vendor's Grandfather was Verger of St Mary's Church Bridgwater".

boxsm.jpg - 99Kb

The slides were fine-grained photographs of seven of John Chubb's lithographs of Old Bridgwater, and are reproduced below. High resolution 600dpi images (about ½MB each) may be downloaded by clicking on each small image below. If reproduced, please acknowledge this source.

John Chubb pound
Chubb bridge Chubb quay
Chubb High Cross Chubb High Street Bridgwater
Chubb Southgate Chubb Castle

Chubb (1746 -1818) was a Bridgwater merchant and illustrator. Much of his work is available in the for study in the Blake Museum, Bridgwater,

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