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Specialist Historical Research and Building History

Antiquarians and Early Historians on Bridgwater
Many of the transcriptions here have been taken from digitised copies of the original books, which have been placed on-line by the Hathi Trust.
William Worcestre
Description of Bridgwater 15th C.
John Leland
Description of Bridgwater, circa 1540
William Camden
Description of Bridgwater, 1608
Daniel Defoe
Description of Bridgwater, 1727
A Compleat History
of Somersetshire, description of Bridgwater, 1742
Stephen Whatley
Description of Bridgwater, 1751
John Collinson
Description of Bridgwater, 1791
Richard Warner
Mention of the Bore and a Pottery Peddler, 1799
Charles Dibdin
Description of Bridgwater, 1803
Rees's Cyclopaedia
Description of Bridgwater, 1805
Rev. J. Nightingale
Description of Bridgwater, 1810
George Alexander Cooke
Description of Bridgwater, 1802-1829
Samuel Lewis
Description of Bridgwater, 1849
A. Fullarton
Description of Bridgwater, 1851
Charles Knight
Description of Bridgwater, 1852
John Marius Wilson
'Bridgwater' in the Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales, 1870-2
Thomas Webb Williams
'Mediaeval Libraries in Bridgwater', 1897
Directory of Somerset, 1900
Emanuel Green
'The Siege of Bridgwater', 1905
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Description of Bridgwater, 1911
Thomas Bruce Dilks
Notable Bridgwater Historian, 1866-1949

Primary Source Collections
Medieval Tiles from Bridgwater
c. fourteenth century
The Cattermole Collection
Maps of Bridgwater
John Chubb's Lithographs
c. 1790s
Gibson Collection of Architectural Drawings
Cattermole Ephemera Manuscript
nineteenth century
Opening the new bridge
Postcards of Blake Gardens

Modern Research
Bridgwater Industry Past and Present
(.pdf) by Edmund Porter, 1971,
updated by Tony Woolrich, 2016
The Railway and the Growth of the Town
(.pdf) by Ken Treanor, 2002
800 Years of Christianity in Bridgwater
(.pdf) by Tony Woolrich, 2000
Building Stones of Bridgwater
by Dr Peter Cattermole, 2009
Bridgwater Burgage Plots
by Leah Sidebotham, 2011
Public Health and Water Supply in Bridgwater
by Tony Woolrich, 2013
The Blake Museum's Trifold Series
(external) Articles on the history of the town

Friarn Street
by Dr Peter Cattermole
Friarn Street Heritage
History and Links
Friarn Street Riot
1832 newspaper reports
York & Son
Photographers and lantern slide manufacturers
Robert Gillo

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