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Files of interest to Family Historians and Others

These indexes have been placed in the Somerset Heritage Centre for the benefit of Family and Local Historians. The original sources have been listed and should be consulted for those who require full details.

The indexes were produced from data stored on computer by Trevor G Hill and Margaret A Hill in 1994.

1) Protestation and Lay Subsidy Listings 1641/2 [from Printed Sources]. Hearth Tax Listings 1670 and 1674 [from Printed Sources].

2) Land Tax/Rates Listing and Tything Meeting 1755 and 1761 [D/P/Shap13/2/1] and Name index from 1754 Survey for Tithe, for full details of the latter see 3 below.

3) Survey 1754 [D/P/Shap 23/2]

4) Marriage Registers 1813-1838 [D/P/Shap 2/1/6]

5) Marriage Register 1837 -1851 [Held in the Parish Church].

6) Tithe Apportionment Schedule of Occupiers and Owners 1839 [D/P/Shap 3/2/1].

Each file is in spreadsheet (.xls) and may be dowloaded into LibreOffice or similar application.

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